Rancho Bernardo Fitness

Rancho Bernardo Fitness studio training is offered at the Pure Motion Fitness Studio, a private gym designed exclusively for personal and small group training.

Private, semi-private and group instruction is available.

For more information please contact Kevin Moses for a Complimentary Session.

Session Includes:
• 15 Minutes – Interview to assess workout and nutrition program.
• 30 Minutes – Testing muscle length and strength assessments
• 10 minutes – Answer questions.

Call Now and Reserve your Spot 858-442-9054. We are located at 10175 Rancho Carmel Drive Suite 106 San Diego, CA 92128

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Pure Motion’s Group Method program is a “Semi-Private/ Small Group” Personal Trainer-led workout that provides a total body fitness solution through an innovative 40 minute “cardio-resistance, functionally integrated, dynamic exercise session”. All Group Method sessions combine the disciplines of Resistance Training, Cardiovascular/ Aerobic Exercise, Yoga, Pilates and Functional Exercise into a high energy, fun and time-efficient workout. The results are amazing!

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